Which is the Best Exercise Equipment to Get into Shape?

Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. It’s time to get ready and enjoy the outdoors and shed those extra layers of clothes! You might be thinking about improving your health and fitness too! This might include considering just which piece of exercise equipment to help you meet your fitness goals. With so much choice available, it can be a little daunting to know just which exercise equipment will really help you achieve your goals.

So we’ve put together our top pick of the best exercise equipment to get you into shape and quickly!

Range of Fitness Equipment

We all have are favourite fitness equipment. It could be what you’ve used at your gym, physio or fitness centre. Whether it’s a treadmill, exercise bike or a spin bike, an elliptical or cross trainer or gym equipment. Yes, all of these exercise equipment will help you to increase your heart rate and breathing rate. If you work out regularly and increase effort, your fitness will improve, calories will be burned, your muscles grow stronger, you’ll lose weight and your body shape can change. In short, you’ll get fitter and get into shape.

Which is Best?

The key question, is which is the best exercise equipment? If you want to work 84% of your major muscles then you wouldn’t go past the rowing machine. It’s simply the best! And you can achieve your goals sooner and in less time. So how does that work?

Benefits of Rowing

Save time in the length of your work outs. As rowing works more of the body’s major muscle groups, you don’t need to work out as long as you would need to get the same results as you would need to work out on a treadmill or elliptical. So a rowing machine will save you time in getting into shape.

Continue burning calories post-workout. Get into the zone and your metabolic rate is increased and stays higher for longer and so you continue to burn calories after you finish your work out. For more info about the best workouts, see Orange Theory.

Tone and stretch major muscle groups. The muscles that work in the rowing movement, contract and extend, so you’re not only getting the cardio fitness workout but the muscles lengthen too. That helps your muscles recover.

Kind to joints. The rowing machine’s seat supports your body’s weight and is a low impact exercise and is kinder to your back, hips, knees and ankle joints.

Achieve flow. The movement of rowing can achieve “flow” which helps to clear the mind and manage stress.

Which Rowing Machine?

There are two different types of rowing machines. There are some design elements that will set apart one rowing machine from another. The mechanical ergo rowers have a chain or a belt drive and you manually change the level of resistance. The water rowing machine simulates rowing on the water and the blades in the water tank create drag through the water to create the resistance. Increasing the amount of resistance is easy by adding more water to the tank.

Look for a rowing machine that is well designed. The rowing machine should be smooth when rowing to prevent pulling on the shoulder joints. The rowing movement should be a continuous movement without you having to stop and adjust a dial. The rowing movement should be smooth and not surge. The design should promote comfort in where your feet are positioned and promote good rowing technique. Above all, the rowing machine should feel right for your length and body shape, and others who will be using it.

Choosing the best exercise equipment to get you into shape really comes down to your goals and your preferences and of course your budget. The Team at Elite, have the best exercise equipment in Perth, including a full range of rowing machines, treadmills, bikes, strength and other fitness equipment on display for you to try out. The Elite team are informed and friendly and can help you with your questions and even source that special hard-to-find piece of equipment. Check out their videos on YouTube, or see some of their range online including rowing machines from WaterRower. 

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