Best outdoor places to run your own boot camp in Perth, Australia

What's a Perth boot camp without some bodyboarding
What’s a Perth boot camp without some body boarding.

Exercise is the best way to keep your body and mind fresh and one of the best ways to do that is through a Perth based outdoor boot camp. Here’s our top tips in the best outdoor places to run your own boot camp in Perth and surrounds.

It is also necessary to maintain good health and minimise your risk of disease. One of the best ways to escape from the rat race of the city is to have a long session of exercise in nature. Luckily, here in Perth we’re pretty close to nature and there are many great places outdoors where you can fulfill your fitness needs.

There are a few beautiful places especially which are renowned for their exercise potential. Some of the top places to exercise outdoors in Perth are those with a good path for cycling or jogging. You can go to these sites if you want an extra boost of inspiration from the beautiful surroundings, or you can take your friends and family if you want a turn your exercise session into a family friendly outing.

Bold Park

If you want to get close to nature while exercising, then the best place in Perth hands down is Bold Park. This site was declared an A class reserve for its recreational values, landscape, and high conservation. The main vision of Bold Park is to be known as the best urban getaway where wilderness can be enjoyed, studied and managed with the help of the community. Bold Park has significant biodiversity, and the views there are incredible as it’s one of the highest points in Perth. It is located near one of Perth’s most famous coastal beaches (City Beach). You can enjoy exercising here by running or marching up the Reabold Hill, cycling through the scenic uphill drive or walking on the various walking trails through the park.

Cottesloe Beach

If you want a walk or running session by the beach, then one of the best places is Cottesloe Beach. The scenic beauty there is breathtaking, and you will be energized by the views of the pristine ocean. As well as being close to the beach if you fancy a swim, Cottesloe also has essential workout equipment which will help you to get an intense workout while you enjoy the beautiful views. There are sit-up benches and push up bars. You can enjoy leg lifting, pull-ups, dips, running, walking, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups.

Scarborough Beach

This place is blessed by the colors of nature, and if you want a beach workout or love to surf, then this place could be just right for you. Scarborough is fairly easy to get too, there are a lot of water sports available in this area with Hillary’s boat harbour just down the road, and there is also an amphitheater which you can use for the perfect step up routine. Just like Cottesloe, there is workout equipment which can be utilized for doing basic exercises as well.

Kings Park

King’s Park is popular for working out early in the morning or later in the evening (keeping safety in mind of course). Many people living in the area go to King’s Park for exercise. It has everything you need, a DNA tower, Jacobs’ ladder and a lot of hills to run up and down. The park is huge, and provides natural bush and landscaped parkland, so it gives you a lot of places to climb, run, jog, lunge, squat or explore in whatever form of exercise you want.

Of course sometimes it’s just easier to exercise at home rather than going out. If you’re the kind of person who’d rather work out from the comfort of your home, give us a call or check out our shop on Scarborough Beach Road and we’ll help you find the perfect exercise equipment for you.

Do you have your own favourite or best kept secret outdoor boot camp spot? Drop us a line and share.

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