Looking for Exquisitely Designed Gym and Fitness Equipment in Perth?

You might be looking for gym equipment that is going to improve your strength and fitness and is also stylish to compliment your home or studio. So where can you find both form and function in gym equipment in Perth?

Here’s our top tips:

European Designed

Strong, stylish, smooth lines and simple to use are some of the words that come to mind when thinking about European designed fitness and gym equipment. Whether you’re consider a treadmill, exercise bike, cable gym or cross fit, or a total fit-out for your home or studio, you can really do it in style! Whether for the home or commercial quality, see our range.

Compliment your home décor so that you’ll want to have it on show, and not tucked away in the garage.


Handcrafted Hardwood

If a more organic range of gym equipment made from hardwood timber is more your style, then consider the Nohrd WaterRower range. The range includes beautiful handcrafted hardwood timber sustainably harvested including ash, oak, cherry, walnut. Whether you’re looking for cardio, flexibility or strength training gym equipment, the extensive range is designed to compliment different timbers. Check out their range of WallBars, SwingBells, TriaTrainer foldable bench, WaterRowers, WaterGrinder, SlimBeam cable machine, and Hedgehog cube seats.


Elite Fitness Perth

The Elite Fitness Equipment store has a range of beautiful stylish and functional gym equipment that will suit diverse decors. Check out their range online or visit their store to see the wider range of gym equipment on display. Sporting top brand names, there’s something for everyone no matter if you’re starting your fitness journey or whether you’re an enthusiast or top athlete. Check out the Elite Fitness experience…to touch, try out, and even smell the timber! The friendly team at Elite can help plan your gym area, so bring in your floor plans and you can start planning for your new gym room. Elite Fitness Equipment store is located at 455 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park.












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