Healthy places to eat in Perth, Australia

Eating well is massively beneficial for your health and works alongside exercise in a perfect healthy routine. By eating well, you can maintain excellent health, you’ll have more energy, a clearer mind and will be more likely to maintain a healthy body weight. That’s why we’ve listed some healthy places to eat in Perth.

Pearth Organic Kitchen

Thankfully, people in Perth love to eat healthily and there are a lot of healthy eateries that serve foods that are not only tasty but beneficial for your health. We can thank the green revolution for making healthy eating possible! There are a lot of restaurants that serve super salad bowls, cold and fresh juices, raw veggies, smoothies and a broad range of vegetable dishes, some of which are organic. You may come across some that aren’t on our list, but here’s are our top four picks below:

Pearth Organic Kitchen

Pearth Organic Kitchen (POK) is considered the number one healthy food destination in Perth. It is located in West Leederville, and the locals love this place. POK serve a lot of green foods to satisfy the vegans and vegetarians and meatier dishes to satiate those of a more carnivorous bent. There’s so much on the menu it makes it tough for someone to choose from the wide variety of foods like omega bowls filled with greens and Tasmanian salmon, fancy chia jam or golden milk (mmm… honey, milk and turmeric) and don’t forget the banana pancakes.

The Raw Litchen
The Raw Kitchen

The Raw Kitchen

The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle has been making waves lately. It is a great place to eat vegetarian foods that are lovingly prepared without cooking! The plating of the food is very attractive and this place has been around even before the raw movement took off in recent years. The Raw Kitchen serves a rich menu of best raw foods from raw tomato pasta to their famous and well loved raw pizzas. They also have an enchanting dessert menu consisting of caramel slices, raw protein balls, and cakes. They also have a few almost-raw foods like artichoke, potato baked pizza and coconut curry.


Eat Drink Raw

Eat Drink Raw (EDR) is renowned for the most mouth-watering menus full of delicious, healthy foods. In fact, the menu will amaze you. EDR serve everything from Smokey BBQ Walnut Crumble to Spicy Peanut Butter Sauce that is impossible to resist. The food and drink they serve looks exotic, and is as delicious as it sounds. If you drop in for a bit you won’t be disappointed!

Manna Wholefoods

This is the original and still the best healthy eatery in Perth. The meals are delicious, and Manna serve a range of foods that cater to vegetarians or vegans. Try their Falafel Wraps, or Veggie Pies that will totally capture your heart. Once you go there it is very hard to choose a single dish from the extensive range of delicious foods.

These are some of the top healthy places to eat in Perth for people who love to eat fresh and delicious meals. So, step out and take your family, hang out with your friends and live a healthy life.

But don’t forget that to be truly healthy you have to combine diet with exercise. Get in touch or drop into our store today and we’ll customise a fitness equipment package that’s just right for you (and maybe ask what your favourite dish from the above restaurants were as well).

Manna Wholefood
Manna Wholefood


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