How Do You Choose Between Fitness Equipment Stores?

Shoppers today are spoilt for choice when choosing a fitness equipment store. Whether it’s online, a street retail store, or used fitness equipment from a range of outlets, there’s a lot to consider. One thing is certain is that shoppers are discerning when it comes to their shopping experience, so how do you choose between fitness equipment stores? Here’s our tips:

Use all your senses. Online shopping is great for researching. Look for store websites that have a physical store too that displays their products so you can actually see them, try them out and can ask staff any questions you might have.  You can’t smell rubber mats online or feel the smoothness of a cable pulley, but you can in a physical store and it will make all the difference! This will build your confidence in the equipment you are considering. This will also give you peace of mind that what you see online is readily available in the physical store.

Industry knowledge and experience. An established store with a track record in providing great fitness equipment with experienced staff in the fitness industry. This will mean they are likely to understand the needs of a wide range of customers and therefore recommend the right fitness equipment. There’s a range of factors at play when considering fitness and strength equipment. This includes who’ll be using the equipment, their height and weight, their preferences in features and functions, available time to work out, storage of equipment, and of course, value for money. Look for a store where staff listen to you (and your partner or family), take an active interest in matching your needs with the right piece of equipment. This takes time, so plan  ahead, to ensure your shopping experience is a pleasant one!

Standards and warranty. All products sold in stores should meet Australian standards. Stores should be able to advise of the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty terms and how you can obtain support for service during the warranty period, and what happens on expiry of the warranty period. Some key questions to ask staff, might include: How do I access this service? What is covered under the warranty? What is excluded? How is the service provided to where you live?

Terms of sale. Many stores now accept credit cards, direct payment, layby, and offer finance plans. Check out the take-home-layby-interest-free options to get to know what terms and fees apply. Also, check out the terms of trade so that you know exactly what is on offer. Online purchases are normally sold new in a box and are not assembled. Whereas a street store may have both new products boxed and new pre-assembled equipment ready for purchase. See the store’s sales policy on how they deal with an exchange of goods, provide partial or full refund, or arrange a repair or replacement part. And, not least of all, know how your confidential information will be treated. To know more about your shopping rights, see consumer protection.

Installation and delivery service. Some stores may include the assembly and delivery of fitness equipment in the sale price, or charge a smaller cost than if you were to arrange the service yourself. This will not only save you time, but the assembled product would be tested as working. While you might save a few dollars in assembling equipment yourself, if assembled incorrectly, it could limit the coverage for warranty. Often heavy or large pieces of fitness and strength equipment may require more than one installer or a technician and the customer is charged for the service. Ask the store staff if they can arrange this service or if they can recommend a service provider.

Customer feedback. Check out the reviews from shoppers about their experience on their website or social media.

Elite experience. Check out what customers say about the team at Elite Fitness Equipment WA. Drop in to their Osborne Park store or take a virtual walk.  The Elite team provides a range of specialised fitness and strength equipment unique to their store and they can also access products available from the Elite Fitness Equipment national group web page. If you’re looking for that special piece of exercise equipment, Elite will source it for you! Elite can also arrange delivery and assembly of fitness equipment by experienced technicians to coastal suburbs, city and wider metro, as well as regional areas and deliver Australia wide.

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Inside view of Elite Fitness Equipment store
The front view of our fitness store in Perth
Elite Fitness Equipment Store in Osborne Park
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