Keeping fit during COVID -19

It’s a no-brainer that COVID is presenting us with multiple challenges in our work place, at home, and socially. Challenges like no other experienced in our lifetime and as a consequence there is the opportunity to adapt, innovate, and support each other.

It might be your first foray into working from home, balancing the demands that daily life presents, yet thinking about how you’re going to maintain your fitness or maybe start thinking about working towards your fitness goals.  Here’s some tips for you to consider: 

Cardio Fitness Indoors

Cardio fitness training has multiple beneifts to stay fit and healthy, one of which is your muscles work to strengthen and improve your circulation, endorphins kick in, you feel better, sleep better, all of which help you continue to stay motivated to maintain your fitness.

The key is finding variety with your indoor training, whether your rowing, cycling, spinning, running, jogging, walking. You might be able to workout with someone in your household and you can help support each other to stay focussed and challenged.

You can also mix it up with some great technology with fitness equipment to improve your own training performance and also train with others virtually.

You might be thinking about kick starting your fitness or strength training or wanting that extra attention to accompany your training while travelling or just getting focussed for a certain goal. We’ve checked out the best online personal training apps for you to consider to help you on your way.

Whether it’s starting out on your fitness routine, or aiming to perfect your inner-Thor, there is a personal training app to suit your needs. Some are free and other apps charge a subscription fee. We did some research to find out what’s available and what they include. They’re also great if you prefer to work out in the comfort of your home.

Here’s what we found…

There’s so many options and so much choice! Some training apps are general and may include a combination of cardio fitness, strength and flexibility training, while others also include nutritional programmes, even recipes, and others with flexibility and relaxation training to wind down.

Some training apps are targeted for a specific use, such as weight management, or geared to a particular type of training, such as strength training, walking, cycling, rowing, running, climbing.

Some training apps provide appeal for their personalised training programmes, at real time, and track your own performance towards achieving your goals, and there’s the option to join a training group and of course share your results with others to offer support and help keep you motivated.  And there are apps that are linked to fitness equipment allowing you to customise your training programme and provide with free upgrades so you always have the latest tech.

Freebie Apps

  • Your mobile phone or tablet probably already has one or two fitness apps available. This will depend on your mobile device and the age of it. Check your Android or Apple apps or search to download and sync your data. If you’re unsure check your device settings or visit the Google Apps Store or Apple Apps Store to review the features and then download the app.
  • Examples of General Training Apps with over 4.5 star rating include Walking Mate, Nike Training Club, 7 Minute Workout
  • Examples of Data Tracking (performance, calories, sleep) and sharing your progress for fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes include, Garmin, Strava, Polar.
  • Check out the free Mindfulness apps.
  • Looking for more inspiration…check out the The Sports Edit for ideas.

Subscription Apps

A good tip is to ask your friends or personal trainers what they use and why. Once you narrow the range down, then check out the customer reviews and compare apps with the options to sync your music, sync your data to all devices, visually plot and track your progress, provide prompts and alternatives. There’s even on-demand training from personal trainers no matter the time or day, so no excuses not to train. OK you might need to tidy up your training zone! The price will depend on a range of factors.

Fitness Equipment Training Apps

You might be surprised what gyms and fitness equipment can do technology-wise today!

Just like cars and other appliances, tech has come to fitness equipment. The latest technology in fitness and strength equipment incorporates digital and customised programmes, virtual scenic routes, data tracking with syncing to all of your devices, syncing your training with your music, and performance feedback to enable you to get the most from your training. What’s more, most apps enable you to upgrade your app without having to upgrade your fitness equipment or gym.

  • Examples of Fitness Equipment available with apps for multiple equipment includes NOHrD, and Matrix
  • Examples of specific use apps for competition and/or virtual routes or races include rowing by WaterRower, indoor cycling BodyBike

Future of Digital Personal Training

With the rate of progress with Artificial Intelligence, it’s likely that robots will be programmed to deliver customised training programmes for beginners to elite, rehabilitation, and return to work fitness.

In the meantime, let’s embrace keeping fit during COVID! For more training ideas, check out some training videos 

Do you have a favourite app to share?

 Drop a line and tell Elite Fitness Equipment Perth what works for you and we’ll share and care!



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