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PTP Resistance System

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Our PTP Resistance System is the stackable resistance system with seven different combinations.  Perfect for an overall upper and lower body workout with over 50 exercises.

The Resistance System (RS) is highly versatile and convenient. It comes with different levels of resistance tubes and a set of Power Handles and ankle straps, which allows you to alternate between upper body and lower body exercises. 3 different levels of resistance tube at 120cm in length are ideal for training the whole body by improving muscular strength and endurance.

All resistance tubes come with the built-in Safety inner cord which prevents the power tube from overstretching by stopping it before its breaking point; making it a safe choice for resistance training.









The RS comes with the ability to increase or decrease the resistance when you train, by adding or removing an additional tube(s).

At a Glance

  • 3 tubes with different levels of resistance that will help you adjust your training program to suit your strength training goals, whether just starting out and up to advanced training:
    • Light provides 5.5kg of resistance designed to suit gentle muscle toning.
    • Medium provides 7.5kg of resistance designed to improve muscle strength and endurance due to the increased resistance.
    • Heavy provides 12.4kg of resistance designed to provide strength and endurance training as well as promote muscle growth.

What’s in the Pack:

  • Exercise guide with more than 50 exercises
  • Drawstring training bag
  • 3 tubes with increasing levels of resistance with clip system
  • PTP power handles (pair)
  • PTP door anchor

Looking for the next level resistance training system to take to the outdoors? Then checkout the Total Resistance System.



Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 20 cm


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