WaterRower Range – A1, Ash, Club, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Metal

$1,499.00$3,499.00 inc. GST

WaterRower Range - A1, Ash, Club, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Metal $1,499.00$3,499.00 inc. GST

The WaterRower Range are designed and handcrafted in USA from solid hardwood timber or metal.   WaterRower Rowing Machines provide a full body workout to get you fit quickly, physically and mentally.  WaterRowers are designed to simulate the gliding movement of a boat on water to provide a safe low-impact and Zen-like workout. The range is suitable for beginners to elite athletes to row in the comfort of your home or studio.

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WaterRower Range – Mono-Rail:

WaterRower A1 Home 

The WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine is made of solid ash or beech timber with aluminium rail in black finish  Specifically designed to be lightweight, portable, space saving and store upright against the wall.  The A1 GX Home is easy to row with good technique. The Quick-Start A1 monitor is simple and easy to use; perfect for beginners.

WaterRower A1 Studio

The WaterRower A1 Studio is designed for commercial use and includes the S4 Performance Monitor.

WaterRower Range – Dual-Rail:

All Dual-Rail WaterRowers are whisper quiet with only the sound of water. All Dual-Rail WaterRowers have the S4 Performance Monitor, which connects to your PC via the USB cable provided. This provides rowing software to enable you to improve your performance through different scenery and compete with other rowers.  Such as the analytical WaterCoach FIT, and online, head-to-head web-racing Netathlon and We-Row.

WaterRower Natural Ash Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is handcrafted in solid Ash wood and features a Honey Oak stain finished in three coats of Danish oil.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is hand crafted in solid Ash wood and stained Rose and Black. The Club has been designed to compliment your decor as well as hide scuffing.

WaterRower Oxbridge Cherry Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Oxbridge is handcrafted in solid Cherry hardwood.  The Cherry wood may vary in colour from a light reddish-brown to deep red and will darken in colour with exposure to light.  Each Oxbridge is treated with three coats of Danish Oil to provide a deep lustre.

WaterRower Oak Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Oak is handcrafted in solid oak hardwood.  The Oak may vary in colour from a warm to light colour variation and will darken in colour with exposure to light.  Each Oak is treated with three coats of Danish Oil to provide a deep lustre. The Oak is available in-store only.

WaterRower Classic Walnut Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Classic is handcrafted in solid Black Walnut hardwood.  Black Walnut may vary in colour from a rich brown to purple-black.  Each Classic is treated with three coats of Danish Oil, providing a deep lustre.

WaterRower M1 LoRise Metal Rowing Machine

The WaterRower M1 LoRise is a full commercial model and sits lower to the ground (30 cm).  The M1 frame is constructed from fabricated tubular steel.

WaterRower M1 HiRise Metal Rowing Machine 

The WaterRower M1 HiRise is a full commercial rowing machine.  Sitting 50cm higher off the ground, makes it particularly more comfortable for taller people and for ease of getting up from the seated position.  The M1 frame is constructed from fabricated tubular steel.

WaterRower S1 Stainless Steel Rowing Machine 

The WaterRower S1 is a limited edition Stainless Steel model, perfect for coastal locations. The S1 is made to order. Contact the store for enquiries.

Further Information:

All hardwood timbers are solid timber and sourced from sustainable American forests and made in USA.

Price is for customer pick up from store. Contact the store for enquiries for delivery to regional areas and/or assembly options available.

See the full range of WaterRower Accessories online and in-store to compliment your WaterRower.

Elite Fitness Equipment Perth is the Specialist Store for WaterRower and NOHrD gym and fitness equipment. See in store and online for the largest display of WaterRower and NOHrD range in the southern hemisphere.

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  1. Kerri

    Absolutely love my waterrower. It’s really giving me the results I’m after. Thanks Elite team!

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