WaterRower SmartRow

$499.00 inc. GST

WaterRower SmartRow $499.00 inc. GST

WaterRower SmartRow is designed to monitor and boost your training performance with your mobile device.

SmartRow transmits your workout data to the SmartRow app on your mobile device using Bluetooth. The SmartRow app is available on iOS (10) and Android.

Intelligent electronics inside SmartRow measures your rowing workout data with absolute precision.

The SmartRow is fitted as a replacement to the WaterRower pulley for all timber WaterRower models.

The SmartRow allows you to keep track of your power, distance, work-per-stroke, calories, plus each force-curve, heart rate graph and much, much more! SmartRow allows you to keeps track of your workouts, and even shows you well-known fitness metrics like ‘Watts-per-Beat’ and ‘Watts-per-Kilogram’.

Retrofit, or purchase the SmartRow at the same time when you purchase your timber WaterRower. Check out the video to install your SmartRow.

Purchase of WaterRower SmartRow is sold online only and excludes mobile device and WaterRower.

See the full range of WaterRower accessories sold separately to get the most from your WaterRower.

*Online product only.