Staying calm and focussed.

In today’s world, we can be busy with pursuits and all that life brings our way.

In the picture a beach at sunset with the words on the sand “Just breathe”.

Whether it’s high-concentration work, family time, volunteering, and activities and interests, we can be so, so, busy we may need some “me” time.

“Me” time helps to provide time out for the area of your brain that works towards achieving your goals.

And the willpower to ward off distractions so you stay focussed, as well as rest and recover which helps to improve creativity and memory recall.

There’s a range of “Me” time options that have worked wonders for people, depending on the situation and personal preferences.

Here’s what we found to help stay calm and focussed even during challenging times that might suit your needs.

Get Moving.

Sitting for long periods is linked to a range of chronic health conditions (emotional and physical), lower levels of productivity, and yes a shorter life!

So take a mini- break, as in 5 minutes, from sitting, or looking at your phone!

Stand up from the desk, use a standing desk, change your tasks, walk the long way to take your break, and take the stairs.

If you’re in back-to-back meetings, change it up. Go for walk-and-talk meetings or visit your client.

Even better, pop over to the local park where there’s some greenery for added calmness!

There’s also working out before or after work which is great but might not match the incidental movement you could do during the day.

Improving your health and fitness does take time, so we recommend starting with a plan with realistic and achievable goals. 

Make Big Decisions in the Morning.

Having to make constant decisions to resolve issues can lead to brain fatigue and is particularly adds up by the end of the day.

So if it’s an important and urgent task, tackle these first thing in the day.

Breathing and Mindfulness.

Taking long slow deep breaths will help slow your heart rate and calms the mind.  Even in challenging moments, it works!

Being in the moment and truly appreciating your green space does wonders too.

Just watching raindrops fall, smelling the salt air, or hearing the rustle of leaves in the wind or the laughter of children, can provide a centredness and lightness to allow your mind to wander.

Check out the free Mindfulness apps.

If you prefer something more structured, try classes, such as passive or active yoga, or try taking up a new interest or hobby.

Check out the free Meditation classes.

Do you have some of your own tips?

Drop us a line and tell Elite Fitness Perth what works for you. We’ll care and share!



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