Where can you get your Treadmill repaired in Perth?

Treadmill Repairs in Perth

Does your treadmill need repairing? Your treadmill, just like your car, needs regular servicing and the occasional repair. So where can you get your treadmill repaired in Perth? Read on for our top tips.

No matter which season, treadmills are designed to walk or run on and help improve your fitness. Just like cars, they need servicing and repair so they keep performing at their best. Whether the console has stopped displaying, there’s a sudden strange noise, or the mat feels like it’s slipping, it sounds like it’s a job for a technician.

Gather Information

  • Stop using your treadmill and gather Information to help with diagnosing the issue.
  • Check your manual for simple diagnostic steps. If you don’t have your manual, search online for some tips such as WikiHelp.
  • Take some photos of what the problem area looks like.
  • Take a video, to see when it’s in use particularly if there’s a noise problem.
  • Write a description of what happened, when it happened and how often, and how the treadmill was being used, moved or stored at the time. If it’s something that happens occasionally, keep some notes in your tablet/diary.

Take Action

Check your receipt to show proof of purchase and where you purchased the treadmill from. (It’s a good idea to take a photo at the time of purchase). If it’s still under the manufacturer’s warranty, contact the Service Centre and upload the information to their website. Attempting to fix it yourself may be unsafe and may void your warranty conditions.

If the warranty period has expired, depending on the diagnosis, it could be a straight forward repair by a technician who is experienced in repairing treadmills for particular brands. Contact the store from where you purchased the treadmill for advice.

A qualified technician experienced in repairing treadmills may be able to diagnose and recommend a solution for simple issues. More complex issues are likely to require inspection and testing to find the fault(s), source the replacement part, install the part, and test the treadmill to ensure everything is working fine.

Need More Help?

If you need help with obtaining a qualified experienced technician for treadmill repairs, contact the friendly and informed team at Elite Fitness Equipment.

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