What to look for when buying a home gym

With so much choice, it can be a little overwhelming just knowing what to look for. That’s why we’ve put together our list of top tips to consider when buying a home gym.

Healthstream Multi Station Gym

There’s a range of home gyms available now that provide a total body strength workout to specific equipment that focus on targeted muscle groups. Most people tend to think of a single piece of home gym equipment for strength training. Let’s first consider your needs and then we can step through what to look for in a home gym as everyone’s needs are different.

Who’ll be using the home gym? Will the gym be used by one person or more? If there’s more than one person in the family who’ll be using the gym, then you’ll need to work to meeting the needs of the tallest person, so they can adjust the home equipment. Do you expect to complete your workout at the same time? Then you would best consider a commercial multi-station gym, where 2 or more people can work out together and achieve different goals with a home gym that is flexible and adaptable with a range of adjustable options.

Range of movement. What are the key muscle groups do you want to target? If you’re seeking a total body strength workout then you’d look for exercises to work your back, core, arms and legs and a resistance of up to 90-100kgs should do the trick. Dedicated enthusiasts may expect a higher level of resistance. Consider cable pulleys that can improve the ratio to 3:1 to increase your level of resistance, such as the Nohrd SlimBeam Functional Trainer. If you’re seeking to improve elite strength performance, then consider Olympic weight plates and barbell with a Power Cage where you can add attachments such as a bench, lat machine, or a rowing cable for cardio fitness. If you’re seeking a strength workout using your body weight for resistance, such as Pilates based movements, then consider the Nohrd Wall Bar and CombiTrainer that combines cable pulley gliding movement with an adjustable bench. Test cable pulleys for smoothness of movement to protect your joints.

Health and special requirements. Are you about to start exercising, or experience some physical limitations or may be you might be concerned about the state of health of loved ones? It’s always recommended that you seek advice from your health practitioner. Check out this pre-assessment tool from Victoria’s Health Department as a first step.

Space dimensions. Do you know the dimensions of the area where the gym will be positioned? Consider the floor space, width and ceiling height. If space is tight, then consider a home gym with small footprint such as a compact home gym or a SlimBeam Functional Trainer that can be installed against a solid wall. If you have plenty of space, such as a dedicated ventilated room or enclosed garage, consider a multi-station gym or a home gym where you can add extra options to increase the range of exercises you can do.

Noise and flooring. Do you need to keep the noise low or protect the flooring? If so, then consider rubber matting. Look for sustainable dense rubber matting with nil odour and nil toxicity, such as VersaFit, or PaviGym which comes in various colours to compliment wooden floors and any décor.

The look. Does your home gym need to compliment your home décor or will it be positioned out of sight? If it’s tucked away, the chances are that you’re less likely to make the most of your investment. If your home gym is going to take pride of place at home, then how it looks and the finish is likely to be important. Consider supportive upholstery and smooth metal welded finishes. If you prefer the more organic look, check out the range of hard wood timber finishes, now available from the Nohrd range of home gym equipment.

Assembly. Some home gyms may look simple to assemble and you might be thinking you can save yourself a few dollars and do it yourself. It can be tricky threading cables correctly, let alone loading pin weight stacks safely. Most stores can arrange delivery and assembly and it will give you peace of mind knowing that your home gym will be assembled correctly, it works the way it was designed to, and your warranty is intact.

The Elite experience. The team at Elite Fitness Perth team have a range of home gym equipment for budget savvy beginners through to elite athletes. Some of their brand names for home gyms include Healthstream, Bodycraft and Nohrd and brands mentioned here. If there’s something specific that you’re looking for, then the team are only too happy to help to source it from their range of suppliers. So bring in your floor plans and the team at Elite can help you plan your home gym. While you’re there, you can try out their home gym equipment on display. Elite can also arrange delivery and assembly at the time of purchase. So what are you waiting for? Contact Elite today or pop into their store.

Nohrd Wall Bar and CombiTrainer
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