What’s the best fitness equipment to use when travelling?

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You might be planning to travel soon. Maybe a stay vacation, a short trip or international destination, like Paris. You might also be considering how you’re going to maintain your fitness training too! Here’s some suggestions on how you can stay on track with your fitness goals and travel lightly at the same time.

Travel Time.

There’s a few things you can do to maintain your fitness while travelling. Whether you’re driving, flying, or boating, it can be a small space and you might also be sharing it with other travellers. Here’s some tips to keep your muscles and joints moving, your blood flowing and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Top Tips.

Consider taking regular breaks, drinking water and other fluids to keep you hydrated, and of course, moving and stretching. If you’re about to fly, and waiting, try short regular walks at the airport lounge and clench your muscles while you’re waiting, and then relax them. Maybe your trip is non-stop, so try changing your position from sitting to standing, and walking up and down the aisle, and flexing and extending your arms and legs. If you’re in the driver’s seat, consider taking regular short breaks, have a bite to eat and enjoy the scenery, and walk and stretch.

Light and Compact Fitness Equipment.

There’s several fitness equipment options that you can carry in your luggage and still keep it light and compact. Consider resistance bands, skipping rope, push up bars, gravity straps, and foam rollers. Most of these options are perfect to use in a quiet spot, in your room, or take to the great outdoors.

Suggested Movement Exercises.

As with all exercise, please check in with your health practitioner first. Here’s some key exercises for you to consider.

Dynamic Leg Exercises. Try standing up to use your resistance bands for leg work. To work your glutes, hamstrings, and adductor muscles, extend your leg behind you, and do small controlled kick movements. Try the same movement out to the side and repeat these movements.

Static Leg Exercises. Stand with your feet apart as wide as your shoulders and double wrap your band above your knees and over your thigh muscle, or use a short resistance band will achieve the same results. Do a half squat and hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat this position. You’ll get the added bonus of engaging your core abdominal muscles too!

Big Bold Body Movement. Stand with your feet apart as wide as your shoulders, and loop a long resistance band under your feet. Hold onto the band, and start from a half squat position, and stretch the band overhead, straightening your body, as you rise upward towards the sky. Repat this movement several times. You can mix it up by adding some lunges.

Upper Body Workout. Loop your band through a railing, to work out your biceps, triceps, or big torso movements. Try the movements in reverse with your back towards the railing. Try different railing heights to vary the breadth of movements you can complete.

Flexibility. Use a foam roller, or foam ball, against a wall to smooth out your back or shoulder muscles. From a standing position and your back against the wall, place the roller against your back and walk the roller up and down the wall. Bliss!

Cardio. Try a skipping rope to maintain your cardio fitness.

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