Which is the best way to lose weight, Cardio or Resistance Training?


Most people think about high intensity cardio fitness to lose weight. So how can resistance training lead to weight loss?

Put simply, cardio fitness training like cycling, running, or swimming, burns calories whilst you’re doing the activity. Resistance training, also known as strength training, keeps burning calories even after you’ve stopped the activity. According to AFL West Coast strength coach men can manage heavy weight and women can benefit from the same tonnage from more repetitions. So it’s no longer about women pushing heavy weights to reap the benefits. If you’re starting out, or returning from an injury or illness, make sure you have a medical clearance, know your limitations and seek advice on which movements will help you and which ones to avoid.

Benefits of Resistance Training

Lose weight. Resistance training is the gift that keeps giving as you can keep burning calories of up to 2 days!

Lifts your mood. Feel good hormones are released and this helps you continue your programme, and in no time soon, you’ll see the results and your confidence increases.

Prevents injuries. Stronger major muscles means they can bear weight more effectively. These muscles such as your glutes, quads and hamstrings, keep your knee and hip joints stable when walking or running over uneven surfaces or taking the stairs. For big basic movements try lunges and squats.

Lowers blood pressure. Stronger muscles means they are more efficient in pumping blood through your body.

Helps bone density. Resistance training helps to stem the 1% loss of bone density each year following our teen years.

Just add a healthy diet and you’re on our way to achieve your weight management and fitness goals! For more information about resistance training, see Victoria’s better health website.

Types of Resistance Training

There’s so much choice now for both men and women. Here’s our top list:

Free weights. Great to perfect your technique with big or small movements and take to the outdoors. Try SwingBells, Kettlebells, Weighted Medicine Balls, Dumbbells, or Barbells and weight plates.

Resistance bands. There’s now a range of rubber bands, tubing with handles, flat latex bands with different levels of resistance. These can also help with improving flexibility and what’s more, are perfect when you travel.

Assisted body weight.  You’ll still get a top workout and at the same time there’s more gentleness on your joints. Consider Pilates-type movements such as the Nohrd Combi-Trainer for assisted standing or horizontal squats, upper body and core work out, or there’s Trampolining, and look for the commercial quality.

Body weight. Work with your own body weight. Try Stall Bars (or Wall Bars), Pole dancing, and Yoga uses your own body weight and allows beginners to pace themselves.

Cable Machines. These can be used with dual handles and cable system to move adjustable weights.  Look for a cable machine that has a smooth and silent cable pulley system to help protect your joints and has a range of attachments to provide variety. They have the added bonus of being safe for the whole family to use!

Gym Equipment. There’s a range of equipment from Cross Fit, single station to multi-station Gyms with pin loaded weights and pulleys, Power Cages, Weight Racks, and various strength equipment to do a range of exercises such as push-ups, chin-ups, triceps dips, leg and core work.

Elite Experience

The Elite store provides resistance training equipment across all of these categories for men and women to lose weight and improve health. Contact the friendly Elite team or drop into the Elite store to see their display of a wide range of resistance and cardio equipment.

While you’re there, check out their new range of resistance training equipment from Nohrd – WallBars, SlimBeam, SwingBells and TriaTrainer available in solid hardwood timber (or metal).

Nohrd range at Elite
Nohrd range at Elite



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